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January 2013

Annie the Cat Able to Eat Again:  Annie is a senior cat whose severe dental disease resulted in her inability to eat and she became very ill.  Unfortunately her caring owners, also seniors on a fixed income, were unable to afford the expensive surgical procedure necessary to help Annie.  Thanks to AVCF, Annie was able to get charitable help from one of our member practices and is now eating and doing well.

December 2012

Stinky the Cat Saved:  Stinky was suffering and required life-saving surgery.  Unfortunately his beloved owner was unable to afford the total cost of surgery due to an unforeseen financial crisis.  Thanks to charitable support from a member practice, Stinky was saved and home to his loving family in time for Christmas.

November 2012

Grants Help Elderly Clients:  It is estimated that one in three independent elder adults have companion animals.  Scientists have reported that human to animal contact reduces the psychological characteristics of stress; specifically lowering blood pressure levels, heart rate, respiratory rate, anxiety and tension.  We are pleased to report that during November two of our member practices were able to provide charitable care for cherished pets of elderly clients.


August 2012

Funds Flowing in for Parker:

Parker is a young female dog found chained to an exit ramp fence off interstate 395 in Connecticut.  Animal Control took Parker to the Plainfield Veterinary Hospital & Clinic who immediately began the extensive treatment necessary to help Parker.  Completely dehydrated, badly sunburned, and suffering from a number of serious infections, the wonderful team at Plainfield have provided the compassionate care and dedication needed to help Parker recover.  Learn more about Parker's recovery on Facebook under Parker Plainfield Pound.


 July 2012

AVCF Fundraiser at Mingo Creek Farms a Success:

Carla Mader from AVCF and Jen Urksa from the Pennsylvania Arabian Rescue Mission teamed up to raise funds to support the charitable veterinary care of over 40 horses rescued by the Arabian Rescue Mission from the Cannonsburg, PA area.  Dr. Brian Burks from our member Fox Run Equine Center has been providing charitable veterinary care for these abandoned animals.  Over $500 was raised in this one event.  




AVCF is committed to raising public awareness of AVCF and its mission to help animals in need.  To that end, the following simple suggestions are offered for members to help develop public awareness of AVCF's charitable cause.


  • Display brochures in a prominent place such as the reception desk
  • Hand out brochures with client receipts
  • ASK!  Upon greeting and/or check-out, reception staff can tell clients about AVCF, the same way they would mention promotional items such as discounted dental cleanings, etc.
  • Add AVCF brochure to your New Client welcome packets
  • Have AVCF display/brochures in exam rooms
  • Include a blurb about AVCF and your practice ability to accept tax-free donations to the bottom of statements, in your newsletter or on your website


  • Add a link to the AVCF website on your practice website
  • Add AVCF information on your Facebook page. 
  • Add AVCF logo to your website with a link to AVCF website

We will be offering more ideas and suggestions - and welcome hearing  your ideas and sharing your success stories.